Thursday, February 16, 2012




Berikan sebab kenapa anda nak blog anda dikritik ?
- Sebab nak tahu kat mana kelemahan blog ni yang aku tak tahu menahu pun kerana dimana ada kemahuan disitu ada jalan. boleh? kau orang nak kritik atau nak maki blog ni pun boleh aku tak ada marah punya sebab nanti aku maki blog kau orang pulak. deal? ok aku gurau. aku tak ada masalah kau orang nak maki tapi guna lah perkataan yang enak dan boleh dibuat makan sehingga boleh mengeluarkan cecair yang berwarna coklat cair maksudnya coklat cadbury lah. faham? sedap mulut aku mengunyah sekaligus sedap tekak aku menelan, tak lah pahit sangat. ok bye!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Read The Following Joke and You'll Know Why


When Ms Woo was on her way to her class, 2E5, she noticed the intolerable noise they havemade. Thus, she decided to confront those who were misbehaving.

Ms Woo: How many times do I need to tell you, DON'CH BE SO NOISY especially when the
teacher's not in class?? Who was the one who make so much noise?! You better stand up before everyone gets it. 

Felix: "Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up... "

Ms Woo: You again!! Can you DON'CH PRAY A FOOL??

Felix: "Can't believe I'm the Fool again~" (Westlife)

Ms Woo: Do you want me to beat you??

Class: "Hit me Baby One More Time!" (Britney) 

Ms Woo: What did u say??

Eugene: "WHAT?!" (Stone Cold) 

Ms Woo: Are you out of your head??

Kai Ying: "I can't Get you Outta my Head~" (Kylie Minogue) 

Ms Woo: Who do you think you are??

Eugene: "I'm a Genie in a Bottle~" (Christina Aguilera) 

Ms Woo: DON'CH BE RUDE!! How many F9s do you all want??

Class: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Everybody in the House, so Come'on let 's Ride.." (Lou Bega) 

Ms Woo: Do you all have to do this?? What else you all do?!

Class: "Sometimes I run, Sometimes I hide... " (Britney) 

Ms Woo: Do you all think this is a party??

Class: "I'm Coming Up so you Better Get the Party Started!" (Pink) 

Ms Woo: I want all of you to go for detention tomorrow morning!!

Class: "Every Morning they're a Hello... " (Sugar Ray) 

Ms Woo: No!! I want everyone of you to go for detention EVERYDAY!!

Class: "Everyday I Love You~" (Boyzone)

Ms Woo: Felix, Eugene and Kai Ying!! You 3 come alone and see me after school!! 

Eugene: "Show me the Meaning, of Being Lonely" (BSB)

Ms Woo: Okay Eugene!! Now only you have to come and see me personally!! Felix and Kai Yingneed not!! It's gonna be only 2 of us!!

Eugene: "Just the Two of Us... " (Will Smith)

Ms Woo: Do you want to SHUT TUP before I bring you to Mr Fauzi??

Class: "You Say it Best, when you Say Nothing At All... " (Ronan Keating)

Ms Woo: I want all of you to promise not to give me anymore trouble!!

Class: "This I Promise You... Woo~ I Promise You... " (*NSYNC)

Ms Woo: Make sure you all DON'CH give me trouble again!!

Class: "Oops!! I Did it Again!!" (Britney)


Kai Ying: "There she Goes... There she Goes Again~" (Sixpence None The Richer)

Ms Woo: I'm leaving now!!

Class: Bye Bye Bye (N'sync)

Thank you for reading ;p