Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kick !!!

Assalamualaikum :)

Gambar Hiasan

Today , i feel like type the language "omputeh" or better known as "English" <-- suka hati aku lah nak taip dalam bahasa "omputeh" . If wrong , do i look like i care ? Whatever ! Be serious . I want to explain the purpose of "kick" . Before that , i want to kick up in the middle of you read this . Dush dush dush ! "Amik kau !" Kahkahkah . I'm so happy ! Thank you very much ! -, - "<-- feel like crazy . I was joking ! I'm sorry , i'm sorry and i'm sorry . You forgive me or not ? Pardon ? Love you damn much ;) Ok , ok ! We're continue . What's the kick ? Kick is one way to release our anger at someone who we feel like kicking he or her to death , -, -"? Need to ? Perghhh ! If you want to kick people , ask permission first . Ok ? Yet again , if he or her says "OK" and says "you can kick i darling" . OMG ! Pleasure of the world ! What are you waiting for ? Kick fast speed ! Crazy great ! Crazy great or better known as "hebat gila" is a word to use only those Malaysia only . Malaysia only yaww ! They'll use when they feel excited to be a matter that occurred before their eyes . Here , we can see most people use the word in Malaysia <-- apa lah yang aku mencarut ni ? Please ignore it ! I want to apologize to you all , if my language "omputeh" is very worst or better known as "teruk" . I'm girl are just learning . If wrong , please show at me . Don't shy shy with me . Kehkehkeh <-- gelak macam hampeh . Thank you for reading my simple entry yang types of waste . Don't hate me darling . Peace yaww ;)

Thank you for reading ;p

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