Sunday, January 22, 2012

The child didn’t die because?


Sometimes you see something which is a Miracle of Allah. 
Following pictures will show a miracle that happened in emergency ward of a Jeddah Hospital.

This kid was brought to hospital.

In Real critical condition.

You can see the two steel rods passing through his neck.

The kid was still alive and breathing (Thanks to ALLAH)

1 Rod passes through his neck and the other from arm pits.

One coming just above ear and other from neck.

What happened then?

They remove 1st rod from his arm pits and what about other?

The two rods removed from the child. Will you believe it?

ALHAMDULILLAH the boy is alive and in this picture he is telling how his bicycle collided with a truck carrying steel rods.

You can see the spot now.

سبحان الله
The child didn’t die because Allah (SAW) didn’t write his death that day!

Thank you for reading ;p